Hi Everybody!   

August 17

I tried to get this up last week but after processing the photos and creating the web pages my file transfer program refused to connect. I corrected the problem and now I can once again upload the files to my web pages. 

These pages are of a few different thing that I have done this summer the order is chronological. Pictures 1-6 are from the spot I did at Lake Vernon out of Hetch Hetchy. Pictures 7-57 are from the Saddle trip July 29-August 1, the route for this saddle trip was the same as for the second saddle trip, pictures 66-90. Picture 57 is not really black but is a picture of some of the stars seen at Vogelsang. Pictures 58-62 are form my weekend fishing at Saddlebag Lake. Pictures 63-65 were taken at Mono Lake. Pictures 91 and 92 are of a couple of our packers Autumn and Justin packing up a hot water heater to be taken to Vogelsang. Picture 94 might be the most important picture of the lot as it is of the first of the two "temporary" bridges to get us back to using Highway 140 again. The second bridge has been completed we got to cross it coming home yesterday. The stop light should be installed by the ribbon cutting this Friday and then the bridges are to be opened during daylight hours. This isn't a perfect fix but our road to Yosemite has been closed since late April. This won't help all our neighbors but it sure will help many.

If anybody wishes a to order prints of any of my photos I'd be happy to share just send me an email with your email address telling me which photos you would like and I will upload those to Snapfish where you can order prints. I need your email address so that I can invite you to view the album. The files posted on my web site are a reduced size so they won't print as well as the originals but feel free to right click and save any you want.

The link to the photos is http://davidoppenheim.com/high_country_06/summer_2006.html

Left click on any thumbnail to see any photo.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Happy Trails,

David & Dinah