A few pictures from yosemite 5/25/05

Nevada Fall

Nevada & Vernal Falls

yosemite_falls.jpg (141615 bytes)

Yosemite Falls

upper_yosemite_falls.jpg (161118 bytes)

Upper Yosemite Falls

sentinel_falls.jpg (158847 bytes)

Sentinel Falls

ribbon_fall.jpg (164443 bytes)

Ribbon Fall

bridalveil_fall.jpg (169493 bytes)

Bridalveil Fall

swinging_bridge.jpg (200036 bytes)

Swinging Bridge

snow_at_bridalveil_creek.jpg (159264 bytes)

snow_at_bridalveil_creek_2.jpg (145489 bytes)

Bridalveil Creek on the Glacier Point Road

starr_king.jpg (98517 bytes)

Mount Starr King & the Clark Range

half_dome.jpg (143851 bytes)

Half Dome

yfhdnfvf.jpg (355823 bytes)

Yosemite Falls, North Dome, Clouds Rest & Nevada Falls